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Four Directions Productions
The Oneida Indian Nation
Raccoon & Crawfish
Character Profile: Froggy

Froggy is friendly and has great respect for all things. Because Frog likes fresh water, especially ponds, lakes and marshes, he was very upset with Beaver.

Did you know, you couldn't take Frog to a restaurant for a drink? That's because he doesn't drink water like you or I, he absorbs it through his skin.

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Character Profile: Turtle

Turtle's name among the Oneida people is "a'no:wal". Turtle is very proud of her place in Oneida Legend and understands how important it is to protect the Earth. That is why she is determined to stop Beaver from building his dam. Did you know that Turtle spends most of her time in water. Turtle's shell is what makes her unique, it is made up of 60 different bones all connected, if you touch her shell, she can feel it.

Character Profile: Beaver

Beaver is hardworking and very industrious. Beavers are often referred to as nature's architects. But sometimes he is selfish and stubborn and needs to be reminded to be a good neighbor. He has thick heavy fur protected by long hairs called guard hairs to keep him warm in icy water. Beaver loves to eat wood, especially birch, maple and cherry trees.

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